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Smart label



What is Smart Label?

The Smart Labels from Visual Technologies are embedded systems. These are battery operated and radio controlled. They have a bistable display and, if necessary, buttons and LEDs. They can be networked and localized with one another via the router and server systems.

Smart labels are mostly attached to small load carriers and present the necessary information on electronic displays. In the case of small parts assembly, the size of the smart label display is limited to the size of the small parts container.


A feedback or confirmation of the carried out process takes place via an integrated button on the label or via an external device such as a smartphone or tablet, which is connected to the Smart Label system


Why Smart Label?


Because of the technology used

can run on batteries of up to
8 years


The Smart Labels from Visual Technologies enable a fail-safe
Radio data transmission
long range


Our technology enables precise location to the meter without visual contact.
Avoid unnecessary searches
and thus unnecessary walking distances.
That saves time and money.



The Visual Technologies system can be easily expanded. In addition to the mere display, buttons, sensors, scanners and lights can be integrated.

So we can find our solution
entirely your UseCase
to adjust.


Thanks to the complete digitization of the order labeling of boxes and materials, you avoid losing important order information.

Your data is securely stored and the location enables you to find containers again after weeks or months.


The Smart Label can be mechanically activated
each picking box
to be assembled.

The software is also an adaptation

simple. The management software of the smart label can be used with existing

Merchandise management systems are connected.




In a medium-sized factory with around 100 employees, the time savings for the elimination of printing, output and distribution of paper documents, handling during processing, the return of the documents and their input into a merchandise management system are between 45 and 75 minutes.

In addition, there are time savings in special cases, which are not as rare as:

Conversion of a "normal" order into a rush order and the search for material containers. Here, too, the time savings are between 3 hours 45 minutes and 4 hours 20 minutes.

Overall, in this case one comes to the relief of around 63% of the time required by a worker. Assuming full costs of around € 50,000 per year here, the time relief corresponds to around € 31,000 per year

In this example, the investment of around 50,000 euros amortized in a little less than 2 years.


The greatest effect, however, is not a cost reduction due to the time savings.  By specifying changes and receiving feedback in real time, the picking and assembly processes can be controlled much more efficiently. This reduces idle time and greatly increases the degree of utilization of the available capacity. In this way, more orders can be processed in the same time with the same equipment in the warehouse and assembly, here increases of 15 - 35% can be achieved. This means a direct increase in the contribution margin and profit.

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