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Intelligente Automatisierungslösungen


"... through hardware and software solutions at the human-machine interface and data analysis"
Intelligente Automatisierungslösungen van Visual Technologies
Intelligente Automatisierungslösungen van Visual Technologies
Intelligente Automatisierungslösungen van Visual Technologies

Radio controlled Smart Label
for process control


Voice interaction
and optical detection
for process control


Data analysis with
Algorithms for
Process optimization

Too many paper documents in the factory

The experiences of the founders and managers of
Visual Technologies GmbH have been accompanying the optimization of factories for a long time. What used to be the subject of the “factory of the future” is now called “Industry 4.0”. During these 30 years, one problem area has remained almost constant:
The control of the processes in a factory by means of tons of printed documents, checklists and checklists.

Even in small and medium-sized companies with around 50 employees, around 2 employees are required for activities that do not add value

required for order picking, assembly, manufacturing and testing processes with paper-based control.

This includes:

  • Printing and distribution of paper documents,

  • Handwritten notes for processing,

  • Return of documents,

  • Input of the document content for input into a merchandise management system.

For some users, there are also search processes for materials and material containers, which, especially in the case of small parts assemblies and valuable large objects, employ up to one employee over the course of the year.

This is where Visual Technologies comes in with the following solutions:

  • radio-controlled display modules with feedback option and localization function,

  • Voice control on the smartphone and tablet to completely digitize the paper-based specification, processing and feedback in real time.

Thanks to visualization and voice output and input, the paper-based documentation and the effort it takes to prepare, distribute, fill in, collect and input into a merchandise management system is no longer necessary.

Voice control (language specifications for the
Employees, and voice input for descriptions and feedback) works in the same way as the display modules, the effort for paper-based specifications as
No feedback should be given.
In addition, there is no delay in changes and results reports, everything happens in real time.

Application examples

Intelligente Automatisierungslösungen van Visual Technologies

Exchange of the labeling solution with the Smart Label System 

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